Hardcore Happening sponsored by Old Soul Hot Rod Shop August 3rd 2019

Man it’s coming… I smile just thinking about this party. Imagine a couple thousand folks getting together on a back road with Hot cars and bikes, ripping the fuck out of them! Laughing, and shooting the shit, Not giving a flying fuck about the outside world and it’s bullshit. Religious people, Atheists, saints and Wildcards, Hotrodders, tuners 4×4’s , Old farts and young punks, Trailer trash and high society, broke dicks and multi millionaires, dumbasses and Brilliance, Short, tall, fat and skinny, black, white, yellow, red, brown, and purple , Gay, Straight, Depressed and happy go lucky….. That’s us, that’s the crowd that shows up, and everyone checks their baggage at the door, enjoys the day and is a friend to everyone. No fights, no disrespect, No issues… Ever! You only ever hear of events like this, it’s like folklore, I can’t explain it buts it’s fucking true, I can’t even comprehend it myself, it just happens. I am a lucky fella and have surrounded myself with an oddly elite crowd of great people. Come experience an amazing crowd of good people. I guarantee you will be amazed with the venue, and with the wonderful people. If you’re not a dingbat come spend the day with us, expand your circle and make new friends!
Insane smoke shows, great cars, Chicken BBQ, live bands, Bonfire , and a Legit as fuck crowd of great folks who will welcome you. Come party with us August 3rd 1:00pm at The Old Soul Hot Rod Shop
9787 Linwood rd Le Roy N.Y. 14482 $20/ person includes BBQ bands and entertainment! PRE 1986 VEHICLE, BYOB / NO PETS!. KIDS UNDER 16 FREE. BRING A KID AND SHOW THEM GOOD LIVING WITH GOOD PEOPLE.
Spread the word to good folks, all good people are welcome. THANKS FOR ALL THE SHARES!

If you’ve been to the party please leave a comment describing your experience with us for the folks who aren’t sure. Thanks Guys- Jesse Check out the event website HERE