Tack Tack Tack….

Tack tack. I like to see how other people go about their work so I figured I would share our cut lines and progress as well. Nothing special just an A too chop.#choppedacoupe #hotrod #4inchchop #hotrodshop

Shop Car: Cut, Trim, Fit

Cut ,trimmed ,and fit today. Tacked the sail panels as well. 4” chop. #modelacoupe #choppedacoupes#topchop #hotrod #hotrodshop #ford #earlyford#1930ford

Shop Car: 4″ Chop

We decided it was time, laid out a 4” chop got her stripped and braced and cut the roof on the shop coupe. Roof is just sitting on top for now, we will button her up after the first but I like it so much more already. Happy new year folks. #modelachop#topchop #hotrod #hotrodshop #1930ford #1931ford#cutthefucker

Fixing an old chop for a friend

Glass for the F1 Chop

Pleasant view glass cut and installed the glass in this F1 we chopped in no time and it turned out great. What a pleasure to have guys like this locally who can take care of this end of the job . Fast affordable and perfect, thanks guys.

F1 Chop Top

The little extra effort we put into layout and design saves us a ton of time on keeping shape and contours correct. Keyways make chopped life easy. Gaps are tight and reference measurements are perfect. As always glad to have Jerry Harding on my team, he gets it.