New Engine in 66 Chevelle SS

Here a cool story.. Since I was a kid I’ve always heard about this black 66 Chevelle that used to be a notorious street racer in the late 70’s early 80’s owned by a fella named Mike Graham. Mike was friends with Carl MCQuillen and this was one of the cars that put Carl on the map. They drag raced this car everywhere for money and won a lot of races. They called Mike “Sleeper” because of his car was supposed to be a sleeper… ( A car that looks average but was surprisingly fast.. a sleeper) Anyways there are legendary local stories of this car but in 1985 life happened, families were started and the engine got pulled and the car was parked… fast forward 36 years, I’ve become friends with both Mike and Carl and have seen the car in storage and talked about the car with Mike but he still couldn’t prioritize the car resurrection ….However his son Alex had other plans. Alex had moved to California and Has become a successful businessman in many arenas and decided getting this car going was a worthy investment! He contacted Carl to build the engine and tranny and Us to put it all together and make her run again! We ordered all the parts and got everything ready and when Mike left for a 2 week vacation to visit his son we went and got the car! Mike had no idea his son was doing this, We put Carl’s injected 496 Cubic inch 650 Horse BB in with a Turbo 400, disc brake conversion, radiator ,fuel tank, all new lines , exhaust etc etc.. We had fun bringing this one back and man does this car eat!
Mike came home as did his son and daughter-in-law, we had all been in touch and lined up a surprise reveal to give Mike the car! Lots of great people involved to make the surprise a success! Check out this quick video of how it all went down.