’68 GMC Shop Truck

I needed another old truck… damn it I’m just addicted to old truck, always have been. Threw a tune up in her and she runs great so had no choice but to go through the brakes and bearings and make a good winter driver out of this old 68 GMC . Going to get her…Read moreRead more

’34 5w Tunnel

Tunnel work as low profile as we can get it and as quick and efficient as possible. You get lose a lot of time going over board on tunnel work and rack up a silly bill, @ghardingjr beat this one into submission quickly and efficiently for our customer 34 5w. Always good work by old…Read moreRead more

AD Shop Truck

Love Chevy trucks, I can’t seem to kick the habit. #adtruck #shoptruck#patinatruck #hotrodtruck

’34 Floor

Jerry hammered on getting the subrail to rocker ties made and welded while I did the wheel tub repairs and ties. Nothing to special but we’re making gains in the 34. Good to have her all ties together with new subrails and floors. Solid as a rock now. #1934ford #model40 #1934floor #hotrodshop#oldsoulhotrodshop @ Old Soul Hot Rod Shop

Flat Sheet to a Factory Looking Floor

Nothing amazing just building more 34 floors, from a flat sheet to a factory looking floor. The car already looks better. Not sure how many of these we have done but it always feels good to save one and cut out the horrid 1×1 and 1/8 flat floors that always seem to get welded into…Read moreRead more

Fixing an old chop for a friend

Glass for the F1 Chop

Pleasant view glass cut and installed the glass in this F1 we chopped in no time and it turned out great. What a pleasure to have guys like this locally who can take care of this end of the job . Fast affordable and perfect, thanks guys.

Little A Body on a set of ’32 Rails

Here’s the next one on the chopping block, nice little A body on original 32 rails , should be a good one.

F1 Chop Top

The little extra effort we put into layout and design saves us a ton of time on keeping shape and contours correct. Keyways make chopped life easy. Gaps are tight and reference measurements are perfect. As always glad to have Jerry Harding on my team, he gets it.

1930 Model A Ford Roadster

Centered up the body in the wheel well and put the wells in, fired up the pullmax and made a new floor, welded her in. Will do the spring cover firewall and tranny tunnel next week. Chris Beavers roadster will be a nice piece